Java SE

OOPs Concepts

Exception, AWT Thread, JDBC

Spring Core and MVC module



Data Application with Spring

Web Application with Spring






Session State

CRUD Operation

JavaScript DOM

JQuery UI

JQuery Animation

Advanced Plug-in Concepts

Development Custom Plug-in

JavaScript DOM

JQuery UI

JQuery Animation

Advanced Plug-in Concepts

Development Custom Plug-in

Introduction to Big data and Hadoop

HDFS and YARN, MapReduce and Sqoop

Hive and Impala

Apache Flume and HBase

Pig, Apache Spark

Spark RDD Optimization Techniques

Spark Algorithm, Spark SQL

RDBMS vs Hadoop

5 daemons of Hadoop

Hive vs RDBMS

HBase vs. RDBMS

HMaster and Region Servers

HBase commands

Case Study

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Shopping Ads

PPC Advertising

Google Certifications


Affiliate Marketing

Viral Marketing

E-Commerce SEO

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Advanced Algorithms and Analysis

Machine Learning Techniques

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Statistical Modelling for Computer Sciences

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks Lab

Fuzzy Logic and its Applications

Computational Intelligence

Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems

Problem Solving Methods and Automated Reasoning

Computer Vision

Deep learning techniques

Cognitive Systems


Number theory and Cryptography

Abstracting React from the DOM

Advantages of React Native

React Native vs Web Apps

React Native vs React web

Installing React Native

Establishing a layout with View

Displaying text with Text

Accepting user input with TextInput

Adding images with Image

Making components interactive with TouchableHighlight

Displaying data with ListView

Changing screens with Navigator

Expanding touch capability with GestureResponder and PanResponder

Using fetch to retrieve data

Getting a user’s location and handling permissions

Accessing stored photos with CameraRoll

Adding animations